Ok who’s ever heard of a self employed nurse ‍⚕️ 🤷🏽‍♀️.

The truth is there are LOADS of us 🤟🏻

Here’s my path to how I did it and why …………….

I qualified in 2004 from Manchester University and I had lived on site of my “training hospital”  for almost 3 years. In those days you chose one hospital and stuck to it as a student nurse whereas these days ST/N’s have placements all over the show.

I worked there from 2001 ( as a care support worker before qualifying on the agency) until 2013.

Christmas 2012 I was on a late shift. Not that I minded we took buffet food and Buck’s Fizz for the patients (there were not many as quite a few were on day leave) and celebrated in a fashion. HOWEVER, my then 6-year-old son – who is now 12 did mind. As I pulled off the drive on Christmas Day he was stood there he had begged me not to go. The girls were too young at this point to understand.

That’s when I decided…… these years were precious I needed to spend and celebrate special days with my children and be in control. Therefore my first step was to move from secondary care into primary care. A big leap in its self as these days you can keep your NHS pension but the A/L, sick/maternity pay and hourly rates are lower. However in March 2013 after finding a job within a local practice I did it. Subsequently, I trained in various different skills and added them to my nursing portfolio.

However, I did need something to top up my income so started my journey into aesthetics as many healthcare professionals do and are doing.

My little business started with friends and family, then I started getting regular clients.

In the summer of 2017, I left my contracted Practice Nurse Position and concentrated more on aesthetics and topped up in the local GP Out of Hours which I still do.

Then as I explained last week this July it became apparent I could take my business/brand The Clinic Cheshire with me and also set up my sideline of Locuming.

My experience so far is that one door leads to another you meet so many interesting people along the way – staff, patients and relatives. Some weeks you can be quiet and some weeks you can be fully booked it goes with the territory of self-employment I suppose, so financially planning ahead (something I am not good at ) is a must.

However, it also means that the majority of school holidays, sports days and important events are blocked out in my diary. No more crying at windows or feelings of guilt – we have enough of those as parents. A patient said to me once and – it is very true “Guilt is a wasted emotion”.

I have an accountant Stockport Accountancy Services who attempts to keep me in check – whilst pulling their hair out 🤣. Then I utilise an app to invoice the surgeries/clinics where I work.

My advice would be to follow your heart ❣ and not always your head 🧠. Nursing has so so so many options and they are not all based in hospitals.

Spread your wings and leave your comfort zone and always have faith in your basic skills that were ingrained in you from the start.